About us

Being the Russian Federation’s State Research Center, the 'Central Institute of Aviation Motors' Federal State Unitary Enterprise is a world-class scientific center, an organization conducting a whole scope of research activities necessary for the development of aircraft engines and gas turbine units based on them. Established in 1930, the Institute combines fundamental research activities with participation in the development of future aircraft engines, their systems and components. All the Russian and many foreign engines were developed with the Institute's direct involvement and refined at the Institute's test facilities. The CIAM research activities aim creating an advanced scientific and technological research basis for future aircraft, marine and stationary engines design; new lubricants development; renewable energy source studies, including hydrogen energetics; conduct unique altitude and environmental aircraft engines testing energy efficiency and energy saving works.

Key assets for the project

Directions of activities of the Central Institute of Aviation Motors:

  • Fundamental research in gas dynamics, mechanical strength, heat exchange, combustion and acoustics.
  • Testing of aircraft engines, their systems and components in real operation conditions.
  • Engine development methodology.
  • Applied research in the field of conceptual design of various aircraft engine types; aircraft system and component design, as well as providing reliability and failure-free performance.
  • Test facility equipment and measurement instruments' design.
  • Design of high-performance gas turbine and electric units for power and gas pumping industries.