About us

The Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) (MAI) is a leading Russian AeroSpace Institute University 3.0 focusing on high-priority Science Research and Development collaborations with industrial companies and innovation science centers through ambitious projects for High-Tecnology and More Ecological Civil Aicraft with Composite Materials Frame, More Electrical Aircraft and Additive Technologies, HTC Electrical Engines, Generators, Recuperators etc.. MAI High Education Direction and IR Academic mobility exchange for B&M Degree Study of Aircraft and Space Engineering Design/CAD SW and CATIA,/Gas Turnine and Electrical Criogenic Engines, Avionics and Flight Control, Simulation AI and Robo Systems, ets. MAI has established contacts with DLR (Space Division), EC Universities from PEGASUS Association, South Korea, OAE and China as preparation of proposals for coordinating research, research-engineering and production activities in the interests of the implementation of major innovative projects in the Aircraft and Space Industry, forecasting scientific and technological development of the Russian UAC, assistance in the development of research, high-education of engineering young specialists and innovation infrastructures in the aerospace industry.

Key assets for the project

Directions of activities of MAI:

  • Actual additional and fundamental R&D in Aero& Space High Technologies, New Patenting Innovative activity and integration; support and involve New Transfer of technologies to related industrial areas;
  • Statistic and System Analysis and Modify of CAD\CAM\CAE\PAL technology impact to Aero & Space Transport systems for High Grow Worlwide economy;
  • Inventions Development of methodology and objects for effective integration of New Technologies regarding to industrial cooperation and commercial companies involvement;
  • New Integration R&D in the field of Modern conceptual design of LHA, regional and midrange Aircraft with soft film Solar Energy System to LTA;
  • New R&D with HTC Electric Criostatic Engine/concepts and integration to New Civil Aircraft Urban Smart City systems;
  • Coordination of research projects and Russian governmental activities and support in Aero & Space Industry programs