About us

National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute” is a federal government entity that was founded to lead and coordinate scientific research and activities, introduce new technologies and oversee new developments in the aviation industry with the aim of bringing innovation to the manufacturing process and using advanced scientific results to benefit the Russian economy. The National Research Center "Zhukovsky Institute" includes the following research centers: TsAGI, CIAM, GosNIIAS, SibNIA, GkNIPAS. It should provide the rational and effective introduction of new technologies and innovative ideas into the aviation industry, forming close connection with the leading industrial companies and providing scientific and technological basis for their current and future needs from one side, and specify needs and strategic interests of Russian Federation in the aerospace area.

Key assets for the project

NRC will provide its expertise during the Technological Roadmap development for hybrid-electric propulsion systems for aircraft application, using its experience from the introduction of new technologies for the Russian aviation needs, considering industrial cooperation with research and academia organizations from the early stage of new technologies development. Working closely with aviation authorities, the aspects related with various state regulations for new technologies introduction and their further adoption will be considered. Besides providing connection with government, R&D and industry, NRC will consider possible areas of hybrid-electric technologies application into other industries. Our participation in the project should contribute to developing the roadmap for key technologies and ensuring the overall coordination of the Russian team.