The FᴜᴛPʀIɴᴛ50 project team is particularly proud to have included in its plans the FᴜᴛPʀIɴᴛ50 Academy.

The engineers of the future are given the opportunity to perform Master theses on key topics identified within the FᴜᴛPʀIɴᴛ50 project under the supervision of university professors and the mentoring of FᴜᴛPʀIɴᴛ50 partners. Interaction with FᴜᴛPʀIɴᴛ50 leading researchers and industry experts, knowledge and ideas exchange will be achieved via web conferences, continuous professional development courses, seminars and physical workshops.

FᴜᴛPʀIɴᴛ50 aims at fostering a strong network of graduate and postgraduate students, and young engineers interested in the hybrid-electric topic. The establishment of a FUTPRINT50 academy will help preparing the future professionals for the challenges of Flightpath 2050. Apart from that the project team will share new scientific knowledge and skills that are aligned with the future needs of the aviation industry while participants will also get familiar with novel tools that will be developed over the course of the project and are aligned with the hybrid-electric matters.

Key - Themes

  • Hybrid electric regional aircraft configurations.
  • Hybrid electric propulsion architectures.
  • Certification aspects for hybrid electric aircraft and system architectures.
  • Sustainability: from life-cycle to intermodal transport using HEA.
  • Systems integration for HEA.
  • Key technologies: energy storage, energy harvesting, thermal management.
  • Design optimization & decision-making for HEA.

How to get involved

If you are interested in the topic of the challenge and you have one (or more) students to be involved, kindly send an email to Please, indicate:

  • The key theme of your interest
  • The type of the student involved (BSc., MSc. Etc.) and his/her contact details
  • The institution in which the student is enrolled
  • The contact details of his/her supervisor




FᴜᴛPʀIɴᴛ50 Academy is expected to officially launch at the beginning of December 2020. In this context, the call for expression of interest to join the Academy will remain open until the 20th of November 2020.

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