Take an interactive tour of the FutPrint50 roadmap within SharpCloud

futprint roadmapThe FutPrInt50 project has successfully crafted a comprehensive roadmap on technology and certification, outlining crucial steps towards the realization of a Hybrid Electric Aircraft by 2035-2040. At the core of these accomplishments lies meticulous technology and regulatory gap analysis, which forms the foundation of the results presented here. To facilitate an engaging and interactive experience, we have ingeniously utilized Sharpcloud to develop a framework that visually represents this analysis.

The outcome is an extensive database housing the analysis results, meticulously organized for easy searching and visualization, providing a bird-eye view of the progress. Through dynamic views such as the timeline and readiness, we can track the advancements of (sub)capabilities by projects over time, with a goal of reaching TRL 7 level by 2030 and beyond. The path from 2030 to 2040 rests on the industry's initiative to collaborate and create a cutting-edge hybrid electric aircraft design. Central to this endeavor is the Hybrid Electric demonstrator, which showcases the seamless interaction and integration of all elements into a unified design.

Furthermore, the regulatory readiness view emphasizes the critical focus required to achieve certification for the Hybrid Electric Aircraft. Our FuTPrInt50 roadmap stands as an interactive overview, mapping the trajectory towards FUTure PRopulsion INTegration for 50-seat regional hybrid-electric aircraft, aimed at their successful entry-into-service by 2035-2040.


Embark on this transformative journey with us as we shape the future of aviation together!!!


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