About us

Niccolò Cusano University offers both traditional teaching on its campus in Rome, and elearning teaching, for degree courses in six areas: Engineering, Economics, Law, Political Science, Education, Psychology. The area of Engineering includes two main areas: Industrial Engineering (which includes Biomedical, Electronic and Mechanical) and Civil Engineering. The Faculty of Engineering started in May 2013, and the ranking of the quality of research (last update, 2015, National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes) has placed the Engineering area of Niccolò Cusano University in 6th place among all Italian public and private universities.

The engineering research unit is characterized by strong interdisciplinary skills, covering mechatronic design; robotics; design of control systems, from software to mechanical and electronic subsystem. The Instrumentation and Measurement Research Group is particularly active in the following sectors: wearable electronics; biomedical sensors and electronics for signal conditioning, transmission and processing, biomechanical modelling, fluid dynamics, aeroacoustics and drones. The unit also boasts important technical-scientific collaborations at national and international level.

Key assets for the project

The group has worked and is currently engaged in the following specific issues: electric engines experimental characterization, rotors and propellers dynamic testing, rotor aeroacoustics, wind tunnel testing, non-intrusive techniques for flow measurements, measurements electronics, and microelectronics. The tasks in which Unicusano is involved concern two fundamental points: (1) design of a large-scale wind-tunnel test bench for energy-harvesting rotors, definition of test setup for validation experiments, (2) technology demonstration of energy-harvesting rotor, rotor aerodynamics and aeroacoustics studies in wind tunnel.