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FᴜᴛPʀIɴᴛ50 project and FᴜᴛPʀIɴᴛ50 Academy are delighted to announce that they will be part of the 11th EASN Virtual International Conference, that will be held in a digital format from to 3 September 2021. This year more than 380 presentations will be carried out, rounded up by 9 keynote lectures. The wide range of topics, from space technologies to hybrid-electric powertrains, as well as presentations of innovative European projects, such as FᴜᴛPʀIɴᴛ50, will definitely treat every aviation enthusiast.

There will be virtual rooms for plenary lectures as well as for every regular session, hosted by the session chair, with speakers and participants, just like in a physical conference. Additionally, the publication of high-quality proceedings, as well as special issues of reputable peer-reviewed international journals, will take place as usual. Join the FᴜᴛPʀIɴᴛ50 dedicated sessions, discover our cutting-edge research activities - leaders in climate-neutral technology – and find out what the aircraft of the future will be like! The FᴜᴛPʀIɴᴛ50 Project session will take place on September 1st 2021 from 10:45 to 13:05 CEST, while the FᴜᴛPʀIɴᴛ50 Academy session will follow on the same day from 14:25 to 17:35 CEST.

Check out the interesting topics that the FᴜᴛPʀIɴᴛ50 partners will present at the EASN Conference:


FᴜᴛPʀIɴᴛ50  Project session

10:45  Hybrid-Electric Architectures and Their Influence on Aircraft Design

11:05  System Architectures for the Thermal Management of HEA – FUTPRINT50

11:25  A reduced battery system model and sizing algorithm for future hybrid electric airplanes architectures studies

11:45  Application of Probabilistic principles to Set-Based Design for the optimization of a hybrid-electric propulsion gas turbine

12:05  Graphene Technology for Design Efficiency of the Solar Hybrid Electrical Cryoplane and Airships

12:25  Optimal Cryogenic System for Hybrid Electric Propulsion Aircraft/Airship with LH2 and High Temperature Superconductor

12:45  IMOTHEP European project: a holistic approach to hybrid electric propulsion


FᴜᴛPʀIɴᴛ50 Academy Session

14:25  Introduction

14:45  Certification Aspects of Hybrid-Electric Aircraft Propulsion

15:05  Reliability Considerations of the Common Unit in Hybrid-Electric Propulsion Architectures

15:25  TBD

15:45  Aircraft Design of a Partially Turbo-Electric Regional Aircraft with Liquid Hydrogen as Fuel with a Special Focus on Hydrogen Storage and Distribution System

16:05  Development, modeling, and analysis of the thermal management system for a hybrid-electric propulsion system of regional aircraft

16:35  A preliminary study into the impact of electrification on the sizing requirements and performance of a turbofan engine

16:55  Preliminary Design of a 50-Seat Regional Aircraft with a Serial Hybrid-Electric Powertrain

17:15  Coupled design of electrical machines and electric circuit according to design levels


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